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Which tense do we use to talk about completed actions in the past, a series of past actions and past habits or states?

A. past simple

B. past continuous

C. past perfect

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Present/Past/Future Continuous Tense › View

I know that the sun usually shines brightly in Ambon. But when I went there for a short tour last December, the sun _________ (not shine) at all. It was cloudy every day.

A. was not shinning

B. were not shinning

C. is not shinning

D. will not be shinning

Direct and Indirect Speech › View

She said, “I’m looking for my keys.”

A. She said that she was looking for her keys.

B. She said that she is looking for her keys.

C. She said that she looked for her keys.

D. She said that she were looking for her keys.

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