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Be going to / Will Quiz


I think your mother (to like) your cake.

A. are going to like

B. is going like

C. will like

D. is going to like

Who do you think ________ the match?

A. is going to win

B. will win

Do you think they ( to like) the presents we got for them?

A. are going to like

B. will like

C. is going to like

D. am going to like

The sky is very dark. It ………………. .

A. will rain

B. is going to rain

Look at how that man is driving! He _______ an accident!

A. will have

B. is going to have

Ami : Hey! Look at those dark clouds!
Kiki : Wow! It …………..rain soon.

A. will

B. is

C. coming

D. is going to

It ________ spring soon. Look at those trees.

A. is going to be

B. will be

Tomorrow we ________ our grandparents. They invited us last week.

A. are going to visit

B. will visit

It’s Jane’s birthday next Tuesday, so we ( to buy) her some flowers.

A. are going buy

B. will buy

C. is going to buy

D. are going to buy

Next summer I ______  with my relatives in New York.

A. will stay

B. am going to stay

Look at the clouds! It (to rain) soon.

A. will rain

B. is going rain

C. are going to rain

D. is going to rain

I hope I ________ travel around the world when I am older.

A. am going to

B. will

My sister (to have) a baby.

A. will have

B. am going to have

C. is going to have

D. are going have

Just a moment. I (to help) you with the bags.

A. am going help

B. are going to help

C. am going to help

D. will help

John ( to be) 16 next Monday.

A. is going be

B. will be

C. are going to be

D. is going to be


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